Volkswagen Pumps Up the Power for its BEVs

Volkswagen claims it has boosted performance and range with its latest generation BEV powertrain for the ID. family lineup with a potential maximum output of 282bhp.

The new powertrain will be coupled with the automaker’s APP550 rear-wheel drivetrain and expects to be delivering the first new vehicles by the end of this year. It remains designed on the existing modular electric drive (MEB) platform, the vehicle architecture tailored specifically for electric models.

On top of the increased maximum power, torque is upped to 405ft-lbs depending on the vehicle’s gear ratio boosting acceleration and increased top speeds. The powertrain achieves its higher torque thanks to an enhanced stator with a higher effective number of windings and a larger wire cross-section. The rotor as its counterpart is equipped with more powerful permanent magnets that has a higher load capacity. The drive was also reinforced to withstand the considerable torques produced.

Inverter delivers high currents
As a further important component, the inverter was developed so that it is able to supply the high phase currents needed for greater power and efficiency. It acts as the controlling “brain” in the powertrain whose functional software ensures efficient system processes. This applies to the clock frequencies and the modulation methods for generation of the alternating current for the electric drive motor, for example.

Karsten Bennewitz, Volkswagen’s head of powertrain and energy systems in development, said: “Because the available space has not changed, we were compelled to develop a new drive that achieves significant improvements in performance and efficiency in spite of being subject to the same constraints. The result shows that we were able to reduce the use of raw materials, while at the same time achieving a considerable increase in vehicle efficiency.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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