Volkswagen JV Hopes to Accelerate Software Capabilities

Volkswagen has set up a joint venture to accelerate its ability to develop automotive software at pace to keep up with consumer demand.

It has teamed up with TraceTronic, a provider of solutions to test and integrate automotive software, in an equal partner JV, named neocx, to create a continuous integration and continuous testing (CI/CT) factory. It is hoped this platform will bring together high-performance tools for the automated testing and integration of automotive software and networked services.

The automaker hopes this will accelerate the development of digital functions such as over-the-air updates, such as those to the owners of ID. electric vehicles every three months. Prior to this, the updates are to be integrated and tested with solutions from neocx.

The CI/CT factory is expected to make possible the incorporation of individual software components into integrated systems, such as ADAS, at an early stage of development in order to test their compatibility and performance.

In addition, the partners aim to consistently expand the functional scope of the platform. They are deploying new technologies and test processes from fields including machine learning, data analytics and scenario-based testing. The consistent use of cloud technology also facilitates the creation and integration of a highly scalable virtual testing environment.

Volkswagen is collaborating closely with Audi and Porsche in these activities. It is planned that the CI/CT factory will also be used by the sister brands in the future. The new entity is seeking to recruit additional experts for its main location in Dresden and its secondary location in Wolfsburg.

Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Volkswagen board of management with responsibility for technical development: “The safe and efficient integration of software into our vehicles is therefore a critical competitive factor for Volkswagen. Our new joint venture, neocx, is a cornerstone in strengthening our expertise in this area so we can offer our customers a first-class digital driving experience.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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