Volkswagen EV Subsidiary Inks “Network Interoperability” Deals

Volkswagen EV Subsidiary Inks “Network Interoperability” Deals

The electric vehicle charging subsidiary created by Volkswagen as part of its Dieselgate settlements has signed “network interoperability” agreements with three of its competitors.

The subsidiary, Electrify America, which operates a network of EV charging stations, says it has signed deals with EV Connect, Greenlots, and SemaConnect to allow its customers to charge their vehicles at their respective charge points.

Electrify America says the agreements will give the four companies’ customers access to a combined network of 12,500 EV chargers nationwide at locations like apartment buildings and shopping malls. Electrify America COO Brendan Jones claimed the move would allow drivers “to roam between charging networks without the need for additional cards or accounts. It will be seamless for EV owners that you can charge when you need one”.

Greenlots CEO Brett Hauser went further, claiming it would “bolster the national effort to deploy coast-to-coast charging infrastructure, making it easier for drivers to easily charge when and where they need”. The agreements are scheduled to take effect from June 30th next year.


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