Volkswagen Debuts Luxury BEV Sedan at CES

Volkswagen unveiled its latest concept hoping to join its BEV family at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in the shape of the ID.7 luxury sedan.

While was shown in camouflage guise, its headline gimmick is boasts “intelligent” air conditioning vents offering a number of functions. For instance, it can detect when the driver is approaching based on the key and will already start to cool the interior on hot summer days or heat the interior on cold days before the driver gets into the vehicle.

If there are passengers in the car, the air from the smart vents can be directed straight to the body or ventilate the interior indirectly. These functions are visible at all times on the new large display and can be activated and saved individually for each user.

Also, specific requests can be activated using voice commands. If the user says: “Hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold”, the ID.7 responds by starting the steering wheel heating function. At the same time, warm air is directed towards the hands.

Even the camouflage paint is interactive because with 40 layers of special paints, there are a total of 22 areas of the vehicle that can be controlled separately and are electrified below the top layer of paint (electroluminescence) so that they light up. If all this is connected to a sound system, the rhythm is visualized by illumination of individual areas.

QR codes on the hood and on both sides provide an interface between the physical and digital worlds. The entire camouflage also takes the QR code theme further and thus hides the contours of the final production vehicle.

As with all other models in the ID. family, the ID.7 is based on the MEB of the Volkswagen Group. The advantages of the modular matrix with short overhangs and long wheelbase, at 9.7ft, opening up space for the interior.

The characteristic features of the sedan include the aerodynamic front section and roof, which both help to reduce energy consumption and increase the range. Air intakes located in the front end guide the air flowing through them down the sides of the vehicle to the rear in a targeted way. They claim to form an air curtain, which calms the air flow at the sides of the vehicle. Claimed is up to around 435 miles on the WLTP rating.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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