Volkswagen Claims New Fuel Cuts Fleet Emissions

Volkswagen Claims New Fuel Cuts Fleet Emissions

Volkswagen claims a new fuel it is launching can reduce fleet operators’ carbon emissions by “at least 20%” because it includes biofuels.

The automaker professes to have been developing R33 BlueDiesel at its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany since January. It rolled it out within its own employees’ company cars, having developed it in collaboration with Coburg University. Volkswagen’s suppliers for the fuel are Shell, Neste, and Tecosol, and it claims it is compliant with the DIN EN 590 fuel standard.

Its promise of 20% fewer carbon emissions are based on the fact that R33 BlueDiesel is 33% reprocessed chip fat. It is now the sole fuel being used at Volkswagen’s in-house filling station in Wolfsburg, and it says it plans to introduce it at its locations in Salzgitter, Germany and other locations.

Project manager Professor Thomas Garbe claimed: “R33 BlueDiesel is particularly suitable for companies that rely on diesel vehicles due to their long fuel ranges and still want to achieve their environmental goals. We are preparing for a significant increase in demand for liquid fuels from residual materials and for advanced biofuels in the medium term”.

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