Vista Retail tracks fleet via satellite


The web-based real-time service gives Vista a clear countrywide view of its fleet of ninety service vehicles and mobile engineers.

The service has also helped to reduce insurance costs and encourage careful driving.

Vista builds, installs, supports and maintains IT systems for customers in the retail and hospitality markets, and operates via three geographical areas, which are assigned to specific teams of home-based engineers that look after smaller regions within each area.

With this scale of operation, real-time visibility of the engineers is crucial.

Masternaut Three X tracks Vista's engineers the moment they set off in their vehicles, enabling managers and controllers to verify the start and end of each job and also to locate engineers at any given moment.

"Masternaut helps us plan daily job schedules for our engineers. Our controllers plan these in line with each engineer's location and best routes from their homes and to each customer's site. We are able to monitor their progress throughout the day and can keep our customers informed," says Brian Norman, Vista's operations director.

Spin-off benefits include lone-worker security, improved productivity through better route and job planning, and reduced response times due to the ability for Vista to locate an engineer in the relevant vicinity carrying a required spare part and send him to assist a colleague.

The service has also increased driver accountability. Vista can set speed limits for each vehicle; if these limits are exceeded, an email message is sent to the area manager who then can address the issue with the engineer. This has improved driver behaviour, reduced accidents and insurance claims, and, consequently, has lowered insurance costs.

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