“Virtual Battery” of EV Chargers Deployed Across California

“Virtual Battery” of EV Chargers Deployed Across California

A manufacturer of home EV chargers has declared its deployment of a “virtual battery” of chargers across California since early 2017 a success.

eMotorWerks’ virtual battery consists of over 6000 of the Enel Group subsidiary’s domestic chargers and other chargers equipped to access the subsidiary’s own JuiceNet cloud software platform, representing 30 megawatts of power in total. eMotorWerks claims this allows the state authorities “to balance grid demand, reduce wholesale energy costs and mitigate the intermittency of renewables”.

The company incentivized drivers to enroll their chargers in the program by offering them points in its rewards program. eMotorWerks vice president of energy market operations David Schlosberg says the drivers’ participation in the scheme will allow them to “participate in the overall health of our grid and help reduce energy costs, utilize cleaner power and maximize existing infrastructure”. He said the exercise demonstrated how utilities, automakers and governmental bodies could work together “to future-proof our electricity systems now by ensuring EV grid integration ‘off the lot'” and “prepare for a reliable electricity system dominated by EVs”.

Schlosberg also claimed electric vehicles were “reaching the inflection point for mass adoption”, and that his company had emerged as “the preferred partner for electricity providers, vehicle manufacturers … and regulators to develop programs to deploy virtual batteries in their territories”.

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