ViewRanger for smartphones features Nat Geo maps

ViewRanger for smartphones features Nat Geo maps

TOPO! maps are now available via ViewRanger, an off-road sat nav with GPS navigation and tracking features.

Content licensing is an integral part of National Geographic's mobile strategy, and its Mobile division is currently working to bring compelling video, images and sounds to a new digital platform.

The ViewRanger software enables maps plus multimedia content such as geotagged notes, photos, audio and video to be stored on a user's cell phone for use in the remotest location, or held on a server for over-the-air access via mobile Internet or WiFi.

Routes can be planned, plotted and then navigated on the phone. Additional features like the BuddyBeacon live tracking system and a sports computer are also included.

ViewRanger users can select specific areas of National Geographic maps and then download them direct to their mobile phones. GPS-enabled handsets show a dynamic map display with the user's location clearly marked.

ViewRanger is compatible with Symbian handsets, including Nokia's latest touchscreen models and phones manufactured by Samsung and LG. In addition to US maps, users can obtain map data for Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, parts of Italy, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland.

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