Video: The tipping point for insurance telematics in Europe

Video: The tipping point for insurance telematics in Europe

In this video from Insurance Telematics Europe 2013, Ofir Eyal, principal, The Boston Consulting, talks to TU’s Jan Stojaspal about insurance telematics in Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain, highlighting some of the main country-to-country differences. He considers what the tipping points might be for some of these markets and urges market leaders against pushing insurance telematics too aggressively too soon. “If you are a major player and launch telematics too soon, you start cannibalizing your own book,” he says. “But being too late means [that] others can start eating into your own book. If you are a follower and you want to grow, this is a fantastic time to enter the market.”

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Jan Stojaspal is the editor of Telematics Update.

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