Video: NNG on the future of navigation and LBS

Video: NNG on the future of navigation and LBS

In this video from Telematics Detroit 2013, Jim Nardulli, senior vice president, automotive OEM sales, NNG, tells Andrew Tolve that navigation itself “is not the story anymore.” 

“The story is about connecting human beings to the who, what, when and where of their lives,” he says. “And the who, what, when and where changes based on context.”

According to Nardulli, an automotive-grade navigation solution must be context-aware – including place, use case, circumstance, time of day, day of the week – and also have the ability to learn heuristically from the driver’s past behavior.

On the subject of mirroring smartphone apps in an automotive head unit, he calls these apps “time sinks” that “derive their value in the ecosystem from grabbing your attention and holding it so that some kind of an advertisement can be shoved into your brain.” 

In the car, “there is no attention, your attention is on driving,” he says. “It’s antithetical use cases between smartphone apps and what’s in the dashboard.”

But he can see a future where a connected system in the car is complemented by a companion system on the smartphone.

Finally, he calls Google’s navigation solution “quite good” for basic uses by pedestrians or casual users in the car. But he does not see Google becoming a primary supplier of navigation to the automotive. 

“Are these guys really going to get into the automotive supply chain and guarantee things for 13, 14 years, guarantee that the API won’t change for 14 years?” he asks. “I don’t think so.”

Andrew Tolve is a regular contributor to TU.

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