Video: Harman on the role of the smartphone and importance of the Cloud

Video: Harman on the role of the smartphone and importance of the Cloud

In this video from Telematics Detroit 2013, Acker talks about how the smartphone has been been used, in recent years, as both a modem and a content player in many vehicles, with the dashboard acting merely as a remote control. But now in-dash systems are starting to take over things like content buffering, local storage and caching of images. And, ultimately, they will also come with their own connectivity.

Still, Acker sees the smartphone remaining a useful tool for things like configuration and settings, particularly when it comes to large amounts of content. “With 40,000 pieces of content, you don’t want to sit in your car and try to find your way around it,” he says. “But with the smartphone, you can use that interface … for sorting through and searching and finding things you might like and then clicking add and then have them appear on your head unit.”

He also discusses the Cloud and the importance it will have in future-proofing vehicles and localizing in-vehicle content.

Andrew Tolve is a regular contributor to TU.

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