Video: Fiat on using the connected car to extend customer relations

In this video from Telematics Munich 2013, Massimo Cavazzini, EMEA product planning and strategy – head of connected car at Fiat Chrysler Group, talks to TU's Jan Stojaspal about using in-car connectivity to take customer relationship management (CRM) to the next level.

According to Cavazzini, the main focus is on vehicle maintenance and how to stay connected to the customer for the duration of vehicle ownership rather than only seeing him during an occasional visit to the repair shop.

In the next two years, Fiat plans to roll out a system that will underpin the entire customer journey – from picking the car on the Internet to dealership visists for repairs and maintenance.  But it won’t be easy to accomplish.

According to Cavazzini, achieving consistency of services is one challenge in what is still a heavily siloed environment. “One of the don’ts is don’t create silos because the customer is always one, and it’s a Fiat customer,” he says. “It’s not [about] a dealership, it’s not about marketing, it’s about the company and the customer.”

But the biggest challenge is cultural, Cavazzini says, particularly when it comes to Fiat’s outdated and somewhat conservative dealership network, where not every dealer is connected to the Internet or has the right system implemented. “Nowadays, they are using SMS and e-mail, and that’s the main digital touchpoint they are using,” he says. “When the connected car will be there, basically, it will be a holistic experience for the customer.”

Jan Stojaspal is the executive editor of Telematics Update.

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