Video: Daimler on augmenting driver’s comfort and safety with AR

Video: Daimler on augmenting driver’s comfort and safety with AR

In this video from Telematics Munich 2013, Marc Necker, manager, augmented reality, Daimler, talks to TU’s Jan Stojaspal about Daimler’s plans with augmented reality (AR) and how the technology can help the adoption of autonomous cars. 

According to Necker, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class already comes with Night View Assist, an infrared camera-based night-vision system, which highlights possible obstacles, such as pedestrians or animals, on a display in the instrument cluster. But that is only the beginning when it comes to Daimler’s plans with augmented reality.

There are two basic directions Daimler is exploring.

One involves enhancing the realism of head-up displays and broadening their current narrow field of vision to include more of the vehicle’s surroundings. The other relies on using real-time video to augment navigation in the in-dash screen. According to Necker, directions superimposed on a live picture of the driving scene cut down on driver distraction and make for a more intuitive driving experience.

“For us, augmented reality is an enabling technology,” he says. “The two core elements are comfort and safety. Augmented reality is supposed to supplement these two core elements.”

Ultimately, Necker expects AR to play an important role in reassuring early adopters of autonomous cars. “It’s a huge step for a regular person to push the button for automated driving in the vehicle,” he says. “People will be scared in the first place. … Then we need to display in the vehicle what the vehicle is seeing and what the vehicle is thinking.”

And he also sees augmented reality helping when the owner of an autonomous car needs to regain manual control. “For example, if he leaves the highway and automated driving ends, then we need to give control back to the driver, and we need to give a lot of information about the driving scene and the environment,” Necker says. “That’s where augmented reality can be very handy”. 

Jan Stojaspal is the executive editor of Telematics Update.

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