ViaStat uses Tele Atlas Speed Profiles

ViaStat uses Tele Atlas Speed Profiles

The use of Tele Atlas Speed Profiles, which includes data derived from more than 700 billion speed measurements, enables ViaStat to give users unprecedented insight into real-world road traffic speeds.

The highly granular five-minute profiles and extensive road network coverage support better analysis of traffic flow, travel time, average road speeds and other traffic management scenarios.

By leveraging the information, Dutch government organisations, including policy makers, road authorities and the police, are able to monitor and evaluate the impact of the measurements more quickly.

Roads available in Tele Atlas Speed Profiles have been driven and measured on average more than 2,000 times at different times and on different days of the week. Tele Atlas Speed Profiles are updated quarterly with the latest consumer driving patterns to provide true average speeds on individual road segments.

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