Vehicle Technology Group bucks the downturn


Graeme Frankland, managing director of Impact-G, TT Interlink and LokLogik, has formed a new holding company – The Vehicle Group.

Formed twelve years ago primarily to service the commercial vehicle security and tracking market, Impact-G continues to provide customised fleet management solutions to meet specific security needs as well as a range of off-the-shelf vehicle and asset protection products.

Incorporated by Frankland in 2007, TT Interlink is the appointed value-added distributor and service centre for the UK & Ireland for TomTom Work tracking and fleet management systems. According to Frankland, TT Interlink's distribution partners are experiencing an encouraging upturn in business – even reversing the expected downturn in sales.

To date the vehicle lock business has been handled by Impact-G, but the company's significant growth motivated Frankland to create LokLogik to focus resources and better cope with the increased business.

"We pride ourselves with strong market intelligence enabling us to design new countermeasures to combat the latest criminal methods which compromise van and truck security," said Frankland.

The actual ‘keyed lock' mechanisms of the products are made to the company's own design and specification by MultiLock in Israel.

To cope with the expansion, The Vehicle Group recently invested in the freehold purchase of a new purpose-built headquarters on the outskirts of Richmond in a hi-tech business centre on Colburn Business Park.

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