VDO launches solution for collision investigators

VDO launches solution for collision investigators

VDO DTCOscope comprises a TIS-Compact download device to download the data from the digital tacho's mass memory and DTCOscope software to produce a detailed analysis of 1Hz and 4Hz speed data, acceleration, time and distance travelled.

The solution can be configured to download and view mode activities, events and faults, and speed data for the previous 24 hours.

"The solution can provide vital clues to the cause of the collision," says Peter Needham, VDO tachograph product manager.

If the data is downloaded from the VDO DTCO 1381 Digital Tachograph using a VDO download device, 4 Hz speed data up to one minute before and after the collision can be viewed. And the data of several vehicles involved in the same collision can be viewed simultaneously.

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