Utility EV from Tropos Claims Quadrupled Range

Utility EV from Tropos Claims Quadrupled Range

Tropos Motors has launched a new electric low-speed vehicle (LSV), claiming a range four-times greater than previous incarnations.

The company claims the ABLE XR, part of its eXtended Range, boasts “four times more range of up to 160 miles, compared to the standard ABLE configurations and nearly three times farther than its closest competition in the eCUV (electric compact utility vehicle) market.” It says the car’s power source is a 26 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Tropos Motors CEO John Bautista claimed: “Our customers are looking for eCUVs that can travel farther at higher speeds or farther with heavy payloads. The extra energy provided by the new lithium batteries makes this possible”. The company says the car’s top speed is over 45mph and can travel distances of up to 160 miles but only if it moves at a speed of 25mph.

Tropos also claims that like its “standard ABLE eCUVs, the ABLE XR has the shortest turning radius in its class”. Bautista alleges the car “offers more safety features than any other eCUV on the market today”. The carmaker is aiming the vehicle at “facility crews, maintenance crews, commercial fleets and small business” and will be exhibiting it at this week’s Electrification ’18 expo in Long Beach, California.

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