US News: OnStar launches two new nav services

US News:  OnStar launches two new nav services

OnStar Destination Download enables an OnStar subscriber with a screen-based navigation system to input his destination via the simple press of a button, and eliminates the need for the vehicle to be brought to a stop.

To initiate OnStar Destination Download, a user connects with an adviser via the OnStar blue button and provides the required destination, which is then downloaded to his navigation screen within seconds. Pressing the "Go" button on the navigation system to begin the route.

OnStar Destination Download will be available on more than 80% of GM's screen-based navigation vehicle volume of 325,000 model-year 2009 vehicles. In total, 22 different GM vehicle models will offer this new service.

OnStar eNav allows a subscriber to find and save destinations on and have those destinations sent to his vehicle's OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation system.

When ready to retrieve those directions, the subscriber presses the OnStar phone button to access voice-guided commands through which he can select his route. Turn-by-Turn navigation will then launch to guide the user.

OnStar eNav will be available retroactively on 2.7 million current Turn-by-Turn capable GM vehicles. Later this year, eNav will also combine with OnStar Destination Download to download destinations directly to the vehicle's screen-based navigation system.

OnStar and MapQuest conducted a pilot of eNav beginning in June 2007 with approximately 3,000 customers. A survey revealed that 95% of the pilot participants would use eNav at least monthly, and 93% agreed that eNav should be offered by OnStar.

Also available to subscribers with screen-based navigation systems is XM NavTraffic, which will be available on the same 2009 model-year GM vehicles equipped with screen-based navigation that also feature OnStar Destination Download.

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