US News: LBS patents to be auctioned off

US News:  LBS patents to be auctioned off

The patented technology provides GPS-based information about surrounding services according to a person's location.

The patents under the hammer are:

  • US Patent 6,526,351: Interactive multimedia tour guide – a portable, electronic tour guide providing the user with directions and information about a selected tour that is part of a GPS database
  • US Patent 6,184,802: Fleet tracking system – a system for tracking transportation vehicles and informing users when the next vehicle will arrive at their boarding site
  • US Patent 6,313,791: Automotive GPS control system – a GPS control system for defining an electronically-fenced area in which a vehicle may operate
  • US Patent 5,717,392: Location-based multimedia hierarchical information distribution systems and methods – discloses technology allowing a person to access information, through a GPS system, regarding the proximity of pertinent services and POIs as well as details related to that location, based on their location

Potential acquirers of these patent assets may include electronic device developers and manufacturers; mobile phone providers and manufacturers; vehicle and GPS manufacturers; mail and parcel delivery companies; transportation system and insurance companies; and content providers.

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