Urban Mapping adds new features to Routeserver

Urban Mapping adds new features to Routeserver

Developed with pedestrian navigation in mind, Routeserver can be ported to specific hardware and platforms, supporting true "on board" navigation.

Additionally, the routing engine can be deployed for large-scale interactive publishers or as a hosted solution for rapid implementation.

Routeserver's new enhancements enable a number of advanced capabilities, including dynamic re-routing incorporating real-time mass transit events, narrative customisation to support multi-lingual or editorial conventions and "cognitive transfers," a new option in route customisation that recognises varying perceptions of wait times.

The combination of Routeserver and its URBANWARETM Mass Transit database – which provides highly detailed data for more than 100 pedestrian-specific attributes – enables an advanced pedestrian navigation experience for more than seventy systems in the US, Canada and Europe.

Urban Mapping's Routeserver platform can also support transit agencies in other areas, such as schedule normalisation and publishing, data validation and a standardised means of communicating any unplanned events through an incident management system.

For real estate, economic development, retail planning and enterprise GIS, customers may wish to use Routeserver to generate travel time models that look at the street and transit network to compute highly accurate estimates of walk, drive and mass transit travel times.

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