Update on AirIQ lawsuit

Update on AirIQ lawsuit

In May 2007, LunarEye sued AirIQ for patent infringement, allegations which AirIQ has denied.

AirIQ requested a declaratory judgment, since it believes the infringement claim is without merit and furthermore that the patent is invalid.

Over the past year, AirIQ management has successfully negotiated a substantial narrowing of LunarEye's complaint to claim #3 of Patent No. 6,484,035.

Recently, the US Patent & Trademarks Office issued an office action rejecting this same and single claim.

LunarEye now has a limited time within which to respond to the office action. In light of this development, the litigation has been suspended for 120 days or until the Patent Office makes a final decision.

AirIQ welcomes these developments, and continues to believe that LunarEye's claim of infringement is without merit.

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