UK EV Public Charging Locations Outnumber Fuel Stations

The public locations for EV vehicle charging in the UK now outnumbers traditional fuel stations for ICE vehicles, Nissan says.

Nissan’s research shows that there are 9,300 EV charging stations over 8,400 fuel stations. Just over 10% of these can ‘rapid’ charge an EV, using 120kW of power to have cars back on the road in as little as 30 minutes.

However, 30 minutes is still too long for some, especially if you’re on a schedule. To decrease charging times further, BP Chargemaster has announced it is going to start rolling 150kW charging stations to 400 of its forecourts in the near future. This is the maximum power most EVs, such as the Tesla Model 3, can accept, with the car charging in 20 minutes at this rate. The Nissan Leaf is slightly slower at 30 minutes.

The number of EVs being bought in the UK is slowly rising, but 1 in 4 still say they wouldn’t buy an electric car. The larger upfront cost, when compared to a traditional ICE vehicle, is the primary reason, even with the government’s grant on pure electric cars, with range anxiety also a major concern. 

With the rising number of charging stations and the increase in charging speed – plus the government’s intention to have EV charging capacity in every newly-built home – should ease this, but it’s clear that changing attitudes towards EVs is not an overnight job.

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