UIEvolution demonstrates wireless multimedia services to the automobile at Telematics Detroit 2008

UIEvolution demonstrates wireless multimedia services to the automobile at Telematics Detroit 2008

Powered by cellular and broadband wireless networks, UIE's Connected Car solution incorporates targeted advertising with audio, video, data and services for a customised experience, while simultaneously allowing automakers to meet life, safety, technical and regulatory requirements that are unique to the car.

Leveraging eight years of wireless experience, the turn-key Connected Car solution from UIE seamlessly integrates with vehicle safety, entertainment and navigation systems as well as real-time news, sports, finance, traffic and weather in the dash, while the rear-seat services feature live and streaming video and audio.

Using UIE technology to deliver rich, multimedia services that evolve over time gives automakers and their Tier 1 supply base a market-ready solution to navigate the complexities of delivering connected services to the car.

"Real-time information and personalised content that doesn't distract the driver is key to subscriber retention in the vehicle," said Chris Ruff, president & CEO of UIEvolution. "Users will accept advertising in the dash and the rear seat as long as it is relevant and timely. A coupon for a discounted oil change, a free cup of coffee or a video insert for an upcoming children's movie adds value while keeping the cost of a monthly subscription for a connected service low."

UIEvolution provides one-touch customisation of HMI designs and robust client-server technology to facilitate the in-vehicle experience enabling auto manufacturers to add connectivity to standalone audio, video and navigation systems. Once the vehicle is in the market, UIE BlenderTM, the managed service for content aggregation, management & on-boarding allows automakers to update, add and extend services and applications, responding to changing market trends and consumer behaviour.

"We've defined the feature set consumers expect in their next vehicle. Reception by automakers around the world, as well as their Tier 1 supply base has been extremely positive," said Stephen Fishburn, UIEvolution's director for automotive. "UIEvolution has been recognised as offering a unique value proposition in the automotive industry."

UIEvolution technology will be demonstrated in booth 41 at Telematics Detroit 2008 on May 21-22.

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