UbiEst and Aepona partner on location-based family services

UbiEst and Aepona partner on location-based family services

Under the partnership agreement, UbiEst will provide its suite of location-based applications for Aepona to integrate with its Universal Service Platform for its mobile operator customers.

UbiEst has developed a suite of mobile location-based services for fleet and workforce management, personal security, off-board navigation and social networking.

UbiEst also provides MapBroker Infomobility Platform, an application framework of functional components, modular services and ready-to-use applications enabling an integrated approach to the development, implementation and delivery of location-based information across a range of mobility services.

UbiEst's strategic alliance with NAVTEQ ensures their products have the best cartographic support worldwide.

UbiSafe, the location-based mobile service developed for family peace of mind, allows users to precisely locate families carrying a GPS-equipped smartphone or a small portable GPS tracker, called UbiSafe box, and track their movements from an Internet connection or a mobile phone.

The GPS device responds to locations requests with the exact GPS position and the speed of the person carrying it, as well as triggering SMS alarms in case of leaving ‘safe zones', exceeding a stated speed limit or sudden braking.

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