Uber’s Motorcycle Ride-Share Eyes Turn to Africa

African electric motorcycle manufacturers have become excited over potential new investment following Uber’s expansion of its digital wallet along with an expression of interest in the continent’s burgeoning bike ride-share market.

One such, Alternet Systems has announced it has seen new investment interest in its ongoing $300M electric mobility project in Africa centered on the commercial manufacturing launch of the ReVolt electric motorcycle. Motorcycle ‘taxis’ have long been a feature in several African countries offering affordable hired transport for shorter journeys.

Now the prospect of a mobility giant like Uber getting involved could be the spur needed to boost the uptake of electric two-wheeled transport. Alternet says its ReVolt pilot model passed initial design requirements and ongoing pilot design refinements are expected to soon deliver a reduced overall weight and improved cruising range.

It also claims to have been contacted in regard to the Uber news by investors that have already expressed interest in potentially underwriting the planned ICO.  As a result, the company’s management will be presenting a detailed update to the investors next Wednesday, June 17th, aimed at accelerating and increasing the pre ICO funding round and preparing the manufacturing launch of the ReVolt.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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