u-blox’s A-GPS solution powers Location Based Technologies’ personal locators

u-blox’s A-GPS solution powers Location Based Technologies’ personal locators

According to Daniel Ammann, executive vice president of R&D Software and co-founder of u-blox, the company's recent acquisition of Geotate gave u-blox the software GPS technology that has resulted in a pioneering GPS solution that leverages its AssistNow online Assistance Service.

Dave Morse, CEO of Location Based Technologies, point out that consumers are not interested in a product that has to be changed every day. Thus, with the help of u-blox' technology for low-power A-GPS solutions, the company has developed a compact personal locator product that delivers the longest battery life on the market – up to seven days on a single battery charge.

Based on a standard mobile phone platform with 130MHz ARM-9 processor, the PocketFinder is the first personal locator on the market that executes all A-GPS processing entirely in software running on the standard mobile phone processor.

Wireless access to u-blox' AssistNow online Assistance Service provides the PocketFinder with the satellite information needed to calculate a position fix. The only additional hardware required is a simple GPS radio receiver front-end and an antenna.

Location Based Technologies provides an online service that supports the PocketFinder with an intuitive, graphics-rich online "dashboard" giving consumers a clear overview of where their devices are located.

A simple dial-up service is also available for users without an Internet connection.

The devices can be used anywhere in the world where there is GSM coverage.

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