TuneIn to 2012 Weekly Brief—1.9.12

In this week's Brief: TuneIn, Mercedes-Benz, NAVTEQ, Garmin, NNG, Pioneer, Jungo, GENIVI Alliance, Pandora, the French government, and SIMCom Wireless

Online radio provider and audio streaming service TuneIn launched a new feature called “Car Mode” for its Android app.

The feature allows users to voice control their music while in the vehicle, so they can scan thousands of radio stations in real time for a particular song, artist, or album with a simple verbal command, like “Adele.”

Car Mode also makes it possible for users to search for music by country. A recent study found that TuneIn is one of the most searched for smartphone apps; TuneIn believes Car Mode will help maintain this popularity moving into the new year.

Mercedes-Benz announced plans to unveil the second iteration of its telematics platform, mbrace, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which commences January 10.

“mbrace2” features more cloud-based apps, as well as heightened traffic and nav assistance, speech recognition, and Internet browsing and searching capabilities.

The system will debut this year in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL.

NAVTEQ says it will power Garmin devices with real-time traffic through HD Radio technology in 2012. NAVTEQ will deliver traffic to Garmin’s “Digital Traffic” service every 30 seconds for more than 270,000 miles of the HD Radio bradcasting system across the US.

NAVTEQ estimates that the transmission is four to 10 times faster than other traffic services.

NNG launched a new mounting station for the iPhone called the iGO primo app Car Dock set.

The set is NNG’s first foray into hardware products and aims to make the company’s popular nav app easier, more convenient, and safer to use in the car.

NNG also announced that it will provide a new navigation component to Pioneer’s aftermarket head unit, AppRadio. The navigation feature will be available in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand in the coming month.

Automotive connectivity middleware provider Jungo joined the GENIVI Alliance.

The company states that it “(believes) in GENIVI's ability to standardize the way that the automotive industry deals with infotainment” and that as a member Jungo can extend its expertise in consumer device integration and multimedia to the development of industry-wide standards.

Jungo also announced the pre-integration of Pandora internet radio with its automotive software suite to enable rapid deployment for in-vehicle infotainment systems.

The joint solution will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show.

As of January 5, the French government signed into law a new rule that officially bans speedcam warning systems anywhere on French roads.

That means the systems can’t be owned, sold, transported, or used in France. If they are, drivers will lose points on their licenses and receive hefty fines.

M2M specialist SIMCom Wireless concluded tests of its GSM module for eCall / ERA Glonass readiness on Russia's real network.

ERA Glonass is Russia’s parallel initiative to Europe’s eCall to capitalize on GSM and GPS technologies for vehicle emergency response service.

SIMCom says its module performed to high expectations and will be ready for 2013 implementation.


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