Truck diagnostics in the Dutch harbour

Truck diagnostics in the Dutch harbour

All terminal tractors are equipped with Squarell devices to monitor the Active Diagnostic Trouble Codes, driving behaviour and special sensor signals.

Should something go awry in the terminal tractor, information about the defect is immediately sent to the base, enabling direct action to be taken.

With a special CANbus sensor system, the hydraulic oil pressure and temperature are constantly measured. This diagnostic system for the terminal tractors' vital functions means that Squarell has finalised the development of truck and engine diagnostics.

In the coming months, Squarell plans to launch this function for on road trucks to selected partners.

Squarell has been nominated for a Telematics award in the category "Best Telematics Component Solution". Telematics Update will reveal all the winners at an exclusive awards dinner on June 2nd at the end of Day 1 of the 9th annual Telematics Detroit 2009 conference & exhibition.

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