TrafficTalk announces voice-based traffic info service

TrafficTalk announces voice-based traffic info service

TrafficTalk provides an audio conference environment for drivers with hands-free mobile phones to share details about traffic conditions and help each other avoid or escape back-ups. Commuters connect to localised ‘communities'.

Founder & CEO Larry Greenfield says the service leverages the knowledge gained at his earlier company, TrafficFlex, which proved the viability of a crowd-sourced information sharing model along key roadways.

"We attracted thousands of users who shared information on accidents, incidents and alternate routes in real-time."

The company is working to deploy its patent-pending VoiceSocialTM platform nationwide by partnering with existing industry players, and sees TrafficTalk as a natural add-on to other navigation, mapping and traffic-focused services.

TrafficTalk's revenue model includes audio advertising to end users, licensing of access to its interactive service and audio streams, subscription packages offering traffic alerts and hand-holding services for travellers. Enterprise mobile resource management services and the resale of location data and traffic incident data are also planned.

TrafficTalk is seeking strategic partners and investors to begin commercialising its services across the industry.

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