TrafficLand releases live traffic camera application on Facebook


The application allows Facebook users to view live video from their selected camera as well as view any of the traffic cameras in more than sixty markets worldwide that are currently available on TrafficLand's public website.

The images update to show live views from the selected traffic cameras whenever Facebook users open a page containing the TrafficLand application. Users can view all of their friends' cameras as well as the top ten "most watched" TrafficLand network cameras by selected city and worldwide.

According to TrafficLand's founder & CEO, Lawrence Nelson, many users just like to look at live camera views from interesting places like New York City, London's Piccadilly Circus or New Zealand, purely for entertainment.

"By integrating TrafficLand into Facebook, we're giving our users an important new way to interact with our content, whether it's to stay on top of local road conditions or just have some fun with it," he said.

TrafficLand has developed patent-pending technology to enable the reliable distribution of thousands of CCTV video feeds from multiple Departments of Transportation camera networks. The company aggregates and broadcasts live traffic video via the Internet and through its media partners.

First responders and federal emergency management agencies can access an enhanced traffic video application through a single secure interface – TrafficLand Video Distribution SystemTM (VDS), to aid emergency response and incident management.

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