Toyota joins public ITS tests in Tokyo


The ITS-Safety 2010 project uses public-private large-scale, on-road verification tests to present, as well as allow the public to experience, ITS technologies.

The tests aim to verify the effectiveness of ITS services and systems and quantitatively evaluate their level of contribution to reducing the number of traffic accidents.

Tests in the Tokyo metropolitan area began in January 2009. Regional tests covering eight cities, prefectures and regions began in April 2008.

The aim of the project is to achieve practical application of vehicle-infrastructure co-operative systems (based on the New IT Reform Strategy formulated by the Japanese government's IT Strategic HQ in January 2006) by the end of March 2011.

As part of ITS-Safety 2010, Toyota will use seven vehicles to demonstrate road-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle information exchange technologies.

Five units of the Lexus LS460 will be used to demonstrate such technologies on roads in the Odaiba urban development area on the Tokyo waterfront and on the expressway servicing it, while one Lexus LS460 and a Toyota Crown Hybrid will demonstrate Radar Cruise Control with All-speed Tracking and Intelligent Parking Assist (with parking-space recognition) next to the area's National Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation.

The systems to be demonstrated include those designed to prevent collisions during turns, to prevent the running of red lights, to warn of approaching emergency vehicles and to provide information on obstacles ahead.

Additionally, Megaweb – Toyota's interactive vehicle display facility in Odaiba – is exhibiting, through March 30th, Toyota initiatives aimed at achieving practical application of vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems.

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