Toshiba and two other companies to commercialize smart meters

Toshiba and two other companies to commercialize smart meters

Toshiba and Toko Electric will undertake the design and production of the smart meter to be eventually installed in all households in Tokyo Electric Power's service area starting in FY2013.

There has been a growing movement, especially in the US and Europe, towards the introduction of smart meters. The three companies look to expand distribution outside Japan to areas such as Europe and Southeast Asia.

While another utility, Kansai Electric Power Company, has already introduced a household smart meter on a trial basis in Japan, the three companies intend to sign a letter of understanding shortly, and will be the first to enter into full-scale commercialisation.

They plan to develop and introduce a new device unlike the meter introduced by Kansai Electric Power.

The three companies will develop their smart meter to allow installation at a lower cost than the conventional electric meter currently installed in each household.

From FY2013 onward, the smart meter will be installed in phases, first in households whose meters have reached their renewal limit and eventually in every household inside Tokyo Electric Power's service area.

The smart meter will be provided with advanced features such as communication and household electrical appliance control functions, which will enable the control of electricity consumption and remote meter reading.

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