TomTom WORK lands 1,500 vehicle deal with Scotia Gas


The system will be progressively rolled out over an eighteen-month period.

The system is expected to improve call-out response times, particularly in emergencies; bring added flexibility to the management of SGN's large field engineering team; eliminate unnecessary mileage and thus reduce fuel usage; and protect assets and aid recovery should a vehicle be stolen.

Each vehicle will be fitted with TomTom's Link 300 vehicle tracking device and a GO satellite navigation screen.

The GO unit determines the best route to a location and guides the driver via a 3D map view and spoken instructions. The system is constantly updated to include potential hold-ups.

The LINK 300 box feeds information between the vehicle and the control room through TomTom WORK's WEBFLEET system.

Malcolm Russell, director of operations at SGN, said that an important feature is the ability information that is unique to SGN onto the system. "We are now working closely with TomTom to customise the system to include such things as the precise location of key elements of plant that we may need to access quickly, perhaps in the dark, and sometimes by engineers who may not be familiar with the area in which they have to operate."

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