TomTom teams up with Sanyo

TomTom teams up with Sanyo

This multimedia solution will combine Sanyo's audio-video infotainment experience with TomTom's in car navigation technology.

Sanyo says that built-in car nav systems are mainstream in Japan, whereas PNDs are more popular in the global market, particularly in Europe and North America.

Built-in car nav systems are also limited mainly to luxury car markets, with nearly ten million sold worldwide in 2008, four million of which were sold in Japan.

The market indicates that there is a strong demand for navigation solutions that combine the best features of portable navigation with the benefits of built-in car navigation systems. Furthermore, as vehicle markets gradually shift focus to eco-cars and small cars, OEMs are focusing on the dual function of PND + car audio system.

Negotiations with OEMs have already begun, and co-produced products are expected to be released by end-2010.

The collaboration with TomTom might help to rejuvenate Sanyo, which is in the process of being bought out by Panasonic in a deal reported to be worth around US$9 billion, after recording a net loss of ¥92.3 billion in the FY ended March 2009.

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