TomTom launches TomTom GO x50 LIVE series, expands services in Italy, Belgium and Portugal

TomTom launches TomTom GO x50 LIVE series, expands services in Italy, Belgium and Portugal

TomTom has launched its new flagship TomTom GO x50 LIVE series: the GO 950, 750 and 550 LIVE.

The three PNDs combine TomTom's IQ RoutesTM technology with a fully optimised user interface and an expanded LIVE Services offering, including HD TrafficTM, safety alerts, fuel prices, real-time traffic updates and an Eco Routes option.

  • TomTom GO 950 LIVE comes with pre-installed maps for door-to-door navigation in the US, Canada and 45 countries in Europe and offers Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT) for uninterrupted navigation even when driving through tunnels
  • TomTom GO 750 LIVE offers seamless door-to-door navigation across 45 countries in Europe
  • TomTom GO 550 LIVE features maps of a specific country or region in Europe


The TomTom GO x50 LIVE series features new maps for Malta, Greece and Turkey, and all devices offer TomTom's Map ShareTM technology, which allows users to make instant changes to the map and share these with others through the TomTom HOME desktop application.

The devices also calculate the fastest routes based on historical speed profiles in 24 European countries.

TomTom and Vodafone Italy have announced an exclusive agreement to bring TomTom HD TrafficTM and TomTom's LIVE Services to Italy in mid-2010.

In addition to HD Traffic, TomTom LIVE services include:

  • TomTom Safety Alerts – including real-time safety camera reporting and sharing
  • TomTom Fuel Prices – up-to-date fuel price information guides users to the cheapest fuel stations along routes or in their area
  • Online Local Search with Google – turning search results into a destination at the press of a button
  • TomTom Weather – local daily and five-day forecasts

TomTom's patented HD Traffic technology uses traffic data generated by the movement patterns of mobile phones inside vehicles collected anonymously from the Vodafone Italy network, which is combined with anonymous data from TomTom devices as well as other traditional traffic data sources. The traffic information is relayed in real-time and securely to TomTom devices via Vodafone Italy's patented M2M solutions and includes a SIM card with a GPRS connection built into the nav device.

HD Traffic is already available in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and France, and will be available in Belgium and Portugal later this year.

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