TomTom Beefs Up Weather Data in Sat-Navs

Automotive location specialist, TomTom, is imbedding real-time weather events into its navigation technology.

That’s because around 22% of vehicle accidents annually are attributed to weather related causes. So, the company has teamed up with weather, environmental and industrial measurement specialist, Vaisala, to bring its insights and actionable road weather data to the TomTom Hazard Warnings service.

The system claims to create time-critical signals that alert drivers and automated vehicles to safety critical incidents as they happen. These incidents include traffic, weather, and road hazards. It uses Vaisala’s data to deliver early warnings related to weather hazards such as slippery roads, reduced visibility and strong winds. In addition the weather specialist is now providing the system with road surface measurements and driving conditions forecasts.

It covers continent-wide road networks across the US and Europe other geographical regions set to follow.

Petri Marjava, head of automotive at Vaisala, said: “More than every fifth traffic accident is a result of inclement weather-related impacts, yet drivers often don’t receive real-time information about weather or driving conditions from their in-vehicle technology – even in new vehicle models. Road weather data takes in-vehicle weather services to the next level by helping drivers stay safe while conveniently optimizing route and travel times in all weather conditions.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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