Three new packages launched by MiX Telematics

While MiX Vision is aimed at the commercial vehicle market it can also be suitable for passenger cars by delivering a dual road-facing and driver-facing video image recording system. 

Configurable to be triggered by a wide range of events, MiX Vision simultaneously captures high quality images of the road ahead and inside the driving compartment and records infra-red light to accommodate night driving and includes a microphone for audio capture.

Whenever an event is triggered, the eight seconds of video before and seven seconds after the event are uploaded to the MiX Fleet Manager software.  To reduce download times and save on data transfer costs, operators can access low-resolution videos on demand, with high resolution clips available on request.  The system is also able to provide 2.5-minute-long high resolution video data from any time within the previous 72-hours of a vehicle's operation.

Another launch comes in response to legal requirements on transport operators to regularly download and securely store tachograph data. With MiX 3D, a remote digital tachograph data download service which saving time and meeting compliance requirements.

Offered as an add-on to MiX Fleet Manager, MiX 3D remotely captures data from the digital tachograph unit and the driver's tachograph card and is compatible with both Stoneridge and VDO Continental tachograph units.  It authenticates remote tachograph cards, synchronises data download schedules and transfers data to back-office archiving systems.  Also available is an Hours of Service module within the MiX Fleet Manager software platform which allows Fleet Managers to see their drivers’ hours on an interactive timeline, allowing for more efficient planning.

The third new launch is My MiXwhich recognises the value in engaging drivers as a vital factor in improving both the business and their own driving. MiX Telematics have designed and built a special portal for drivers to access their own performance data and see how they are performing against site averages for key statistics. This portal is streamlined to provide information on their driver scores over selectable time periods and by vehicle. Accessible via desktop PC, Smartphone and Tablets, this application involves drivers tangibly in business improvement.

Using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, MiX Telematics claims to deliver its solutions to customers in more than 120 countries, across six continents.


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