The Silver Lining for Telematics Fleet Management Services in Europe

The Silver Lining for Telematics Fleet Management Services in Europe

If integration can be achieved, the market may finally reach that crucial tipping point. 


Although it became clear at Telematics Update’s European fleet telematics conference last week that the market is lagging behind the US, the message was not negative. Amsterdam was taken up by the future: the macro factors that will influence the market six years on, how Big Data will change the way business is done and, especially, how and when fleet telematics services will be integrated, perhaps around a common open platform.

Speaking during a panel discussion on integrated platforms for fleets, James Hookham, managing director, policy and communications, of the Freight Transport Association, said that fleet managers in the United Kingdom were calling for an open platform and greater integration.

One reason, he said, was that “no one fleet manager is able to comprehend in its entirety one particular provider’s solution.”

“And there are good corporate reasons for not investing all your telematics investment in one supplier,” he went on. “Certainly, all my members don’t source their vehicles from one manufacturer.” According to him, many of the 14,000 members of his association are resisting the telematics sector because they think they will get locked into one supplier and get a poor deal.”

“The sourcing of products and services from different providers allows fleet managers to feel confident that they’re not getting locked in to one provider and will be able to continue to use legacy systems in the future and not find themselves holding last year’s model,” he said. 

And, declaring that he felt fleet telematics was currently “a big-company game,” Hookham suggested that an open platform would be “an important way to permeate out in the smaller fleets.”

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