The "big boys" in LBS get straight-talking

The "big boys" in LBS get straight-talking

There is so much going on within navigation & LBS right now it's actually crazy! Everyday i'm hearing about a new collaboration/partnership and it's becoming apparent that this is a strategy alot of folks are adopting.

In fact I was talking to Thilo Koslowski of Gartner the other day and we were discussing how interesting it's going to be to see the types of partnerships that are formed, but moreover the types of business models that will emerge…

It seems that nothing has been defined or determined as the "correct model" just yet, in fact there are a few areas within LBS that remain contentious – location-based advertising is a perfect example; i mean what will app providers need to do to convince advertisers and agencies of their potential?

I'm also looking forward to getting Yahoo!'s take on how open location is beginning to open up doors and opportunities for the industry – in fact Tyler Bell who works in the Geo Technologies department at Yahoo! will be talking about this at the Navigation & Location USA conference in December. I know he's been working closely with his team on this and he's excited about sharing some of his ideas at the conference.

Actually, when I started working on the Nav & Loc conference, I was determined to make sure the industry got some real face time with some of the key guys like Tyler as well as Kiley McEvoy who's heavily involved with navigation at Google. I think this year's conference truly unites the key companies that are shaping and driving the navigation and LBS industry forward.

You should check out the agenda for this year

– I've worked my socks off to get this agenda write for your business needs, so let me know what you think and maybe I'll even get to meet you in person in San Jose?



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