The Key Factors of Growth of the Canadian EV and Automotive Industry


Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Flavio Volpe.  Mr. Volpe is President of APMA – The Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association. He is an internationally recognized champion of Canada’s automotive industry. He proudly leads the APMA – representing OE suppliers to the worldwide automotive industry. Working closely with officials in Ottawa, Washington and Mexico City during the 2017-19 NAFTA renegotiations, he led the effort to secure an unexpected and unprecedented increase in Regional Value Content for Canadian automotive suppliers in the new USMCA.

In the 18-minute audio interview, Mr. Volpe discusses these questions:

  • A Bloomberg report last week stated that Canada is ranked at number two amongst countries’ EV supply chains. What underpins that evaluation?
  • Over the last 18 months five OEMs and two major battery companies have invested an unprecedented $16 billion in Canadian production. This reverses a 20-year trend. What happened?
  • The Canadian government has set a target of 100% zero emission vehicles sales by 2035. Is that ambitious or impossible?
  • APMA is building a concept prototype called Project Arrow. It’s scheduled to be revealed at CES in eight weeks. What is the point of building it? Why is a trade association making a car?

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