The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety & Intelligent Car Coalition talk liability and the ‘Blame Game’ for automated vehicles

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety & Intelligent Car Coalition talk liability and the ‘Blame Game’ for automated vehicles

It will include discussion on liability and insurance in an exclusive session with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Intelligent Car Coalition.

As the industry is on the brink of deploying advanced safety technologies, questions surrounding liability and insurance have arisen to the forefront. The Advanced Automotive Safety USA 2014 Conference (July 8-9, Hotel Baronette Renaissance, Novi, MI) will host a cutting edge session that explores where blame may lie in the instance of system fault.  The session will examine how increasing levels of automated controls in-vehicle raise vital questions about who is to blame in the event of an incident. When the driver is no longer driving- can they truly cause an accident? Manufacturers, certification bodies and drivers all face the potential for blame should an incident occur. The session will examine the different ways this could be structured.

View the full agenda and entire list of sessions here:

Liability and Insurance: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Meredith Evans, Project Director at Telematics Update noted, “The session, presented by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and The Intelligent Car Coalition really reflects the fresh challenges the advanced safety industry must overcome in the face of imminent deployment. Understanding implications on a legal basis is crucial for all members of the eco-system in order to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge for their position in the blame-chain.’

As well as the liability session, The Advanced Automotive Safety USA 2014 (July 8-9, 2014, Novi, Michigan) conference will unite the intelligent transport industry to discuss the key issues surrounding the road safety revolution, and the movement from theory to reality.

After months of independent research into the advanced automotive safety market in the US, Telematics Update uncovered the following topics for in- depth discussion at the conference;

  • The Future Of Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Human vs. Machine – The Great Debate on Autonomous Vehicles!
  • Optimizing Data Processing
  • Alternate Devices for Increased Market Penetration
  • Creating Value For Consumers

The event will gather industry fore-runners from ITS America, Nissan, GM, Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Denso, Center for Automotive Research, CVTA, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, UMTRI, AASHTO and many more.

150+ executives (OEMs, government, tier 1 and supplier executives) are set to attend the conference and define the next steps toward the dawn of a new era of intelligent transportation.

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Registering for a conference pass by May 16 secures a saving of $200 USD from the full price.

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