The GPS divide: Age does make a difference in nav device usage

The GPS divide: Age does make a difference in nav device usage

ABI Research director Janel Wise says that when younger GPS users are compared to their older counterparts, there's clearly an age divide not only in the types of devices they use, but also in how they use them.

The online survey, which was conducted in August 2008 and included responses from 750 in-car navigation users, was focused on navigation form factors, use cases, navigation feature usage, and brand satisfaction. Among the age-related differences observed:

  • While PNDs are the most commonly used type of navigation device across all ages, mobile phones or PDAs with navigation service are more likely to be used by those under-35.
  • Significantly higher percentages of those under-45 use one- or two-way connected PNDs.
  • Significantly higher percentages of younger users download location-based search and traffic information.

"With navigation solutions quickly spreading to all age groups in society, it becomes increasingly important for navigation vendors to offer products that address the different needs of the different age segments," adds Bonte. "While younger age groups are willing to adopt new connected navigation form factors and services, older groups clearly prefer no-frills, affordable, easy to use, ‘working out of the box' non-connected PNDs."

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