The Future of Product Design and Production: Combining AI, Big Data, MSV &  3D Printing


During the last decade, we witnessed the inception of Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a now familiar term describing the evolution of manufacturing towards smart, fully connected factories leveraging digitization and the integration of cyber and physical systems.

The benefits of adopting Industry 4.0 are seen in increased speed and efficiency of development and production accompanied by higher quality products and greater customer satisfaction.

Key technologies responsible for the continued growth of Industry 4.0 include Artificial Intelligence (AI); Big Data analytics; Modeling, Simulation and Visualization (MSV); and 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing.

These technologies have advanced product design and production substantially in recent years, enabling companies that use them to gain a competitive edge. They are often used in combination, for example, AI with Big Data analytics and MSV with 3D printing.

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