The China Automotive Aftermarket: An Industry Update

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Philippe Thegner.  Mr. Thegner is Senior Advisor at the Strategic and Investment Advisory firm Automobility, and is Chairman of the Automotive Aftermarket Supplier Association’s China Aftermarket Forum, the main aftermarket supplier association in China since 2014, acting as Chairman since 2018.

In the 26-minute audio interview, Mr. Thegner discusses these questions:

  • How is the China Independent Aftermarket doing post-Covid and what is your outlook on China market for 2021?
  • The market is known to be highly fragmented, do we start to see some consolidation and champion emerging?
  • Could you explain the main trends driving the market currently?
  • Working at Automobility in Shanghai, you witness the quick adoption of EV, particularly smart EV in China market, could you share your view and if the China aftermarket starts to adapt to the related challenges and opportunities?
  • And provides final thoughts.

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