The China Automotive Aftermarket: An Industry Update – Q3 2021

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Philippe Thegner.  Mr. Thegner is Senior Advisor at the Strategic and Investment Advisory firm Automobility, and is Chairman of the Automotive Aftermarket Supplier Association’s China Aftermarket Forum, the main aftermarket supplier association in China since 2014, acting as Chairman since 2018.

In the 29-minute audio interview, Mr. Thegner discusses these questions:

  • What is the status of the automotive aftermarket in China in and after Q3?
  • In our previous Interview discussion, you mentioned the growth of several companies invested in by high tech giants like Alibaba or Tencent. What is their status now and how are they influencing the market?
  • We see impressive EV sales from China.  How does that change or effect the aftermarket?
  • Many of our followers/listeners buy products from China.  How do you see the evolution of sourcing of aftermarket products from China post Covid?

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