The Automotive and Smart Mobility Landscape in the Netherlands


Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Bram Hendrix.  Mr. Hendrix is Program Manager Smart Mobility & Internationalization at RAI Automotive Industry NL, the Dutch cluster organization of the Automotive Industry, mobility sector and automotive education sector with about 190 members. The members work on the big societal challenges towards the three zero’s: accidents, congestion and emission. The four area’s of expertise of the Dutch Automotive industry are Smart & Green Mobility, Manufacturing and Materials.

In the 9-minute audio interview, Mr. Hendrix discusses these questions:

  • The Netherlands automotive Industry is not that well-known. What do we need to know about the Industry?
  • In Roland Berger’s Automotive Disruption Radar, The Netherlands is ranked #1. Please explain!
  • The investments and activities in Smart & Green Mobility are big. Why?
  • How does the future of the Dutch Automotive and mobility landscape look like?
  • Why should others work with the Dutch?

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