AV Start-Up Trial Begins in Texas

AV Start-Up Trial Begins in Texas

Silicon Valley AV start-up Drive.ai’s one-year trial of its autonomous vans in Arlington, Texas has begun.

Three of the company’s self-driving vans will be deployed to the city’s historic downtown district to transport locals and tourists around. The move follows the trial deployment of the start-up’s vans in the nearby city of Frisco in late July, which is due to conclude in January.

A company statement said the vans can be hailed on an “on-demand” basis “between fixed pick-up and drop-off locations” via the start-up’s own app or one of the kiosks specifically designated for the service. Drive.ai said the three elements it believes an AV service needs to have to be successful are deep learning, governmental engagement, and a focus on both drivers’ and passengers’ safety.

It also claimed AVs “will be a key part of city infrastructure” that will result in “connected communities”, adding that Drive.ai wants to play its part in cultivating these connections.

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