Testing begins on truck anti-collision systems

Testing begins on truck anti-collision systems

Five anti-collision systems will be tested: Forward Collision Warning and Headway Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and Directional control.

The systems will be tested over a period of four months, involving 3,000 trucks. A black box will be used to measure and record the driver behaviour on the road.

This large-scale test was initiated by the ERTICO partners Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works & Water Management, Connekt, and TNO, as well as Buck Consultants International. Several trade organisations have also been actively involved in the project.

Accidents involving trucks occur several hundred times a year, and are often the cause of enormous traffic problems and delays. The use of advanced technology such as ADAS systems can help to reduce the number of accidents.

The test of anti-collision systems is part of the "FileProof" programs aimed at tackling congestion in the short-term and improving traffic flow.

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