Tesla Prototype Promises Nürburgring EV Record… Someday!

Tesla says a prototype version of the Model S could lap the iconic Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 7 minutes 20 seconds and another 15 seconds could be lopped off the lap time in future.

Even so, this claim of the car being 22 seconds faster than that the Porsche Taycan Turbo managed last month setting the record for a four-door standard production BEV, has yet to be officially realized because it has been conducting its own timing sessions. However, the German automaker says the lap-time potential does not even rely on the more powerful Turbo S variant, potentially setting the stage for an epic battle between the two manufacturers in the coming months.

The Model S ‘Plaid’ is not a production vehicle, although Tesla says it will be market ready next year. It has a three-motor powertrain and a new “chassis prototype”, indicating this will sit above the currently-available P100D ‘ludicrous mode’ powertrain, the most powerful Model S on the market with a 451kW dual motor setup.

The company has been at the Nürburgring this week with the car, with unofficial timing reports logging the car recording a lap time around the 7:23 mark. That stayed unconfirmed until yesterday, when Tesla said in a tweet that its “data indicates” the car is capable of 7:20, implying that the car has yet to set the full lap time in a single run.

The company is leaving the track for now but will be back next month and says it’s capable of setting a 7:05, just a minute slower than VW’s ID.R race car, which holds the outright EV record at the iconic German race track. Tesla hasn’t detailed what changes, if any, will be made to the car to enable this 15 second decrease. Porsche, meanwhile, hasn’t commented, but with the Stuttgart marque’s racing heritage it may not take this beating lightly.

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