Telogis announces release of GeoBase 3.0 – enterprise mapping and navigation SDK

Telogis announces release of GeoBase 3.0 – enterprise mapping and navigation SDK

The GeoBase SDK enables organizations to develop customized dispatching and navigation solutions using traffic, commercial vehicle and turn restrictions data, as well as custom route strategies. These advanced routing features provide a competitive advantage for routing large vehicles, such as long haul trucks, utility vehicles and emergency response vehicles.

“These enterprise features were developed to meet the needs of GeoBase customers within the Fleet Tracking, Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Public Safety markets, who want to differentiate their location-enhanced services. GeoBase 3.0 builds upon its fast and scalable enterprise-class mapping features, including rich and detailed maps, navigation, geocoding, reverse geocoding, geofencing and route optimization,” said Newth Morris, President of Telogis’ GeoBase group.

Addressing the needs of customers who want to deploy on resource-constrained mobile devices, GeoBase 3.0 enables customers to easily add geospatial functionality, including turn-by-turn navigation, to new or existing applications via a .NET API. New features of the GeoBase Mobile SDK include consumer grade point-of-interest search and address entry, 2.5d map views, the ability to import and overlay custom data sets, integrate traffic flow information and route commercial vehicles (considering height, weight, load and other restrictions). The GeoBase Mobile SDK is a full featured tool kit that offers unparalleled flexibility – from the ability to customize route strategies to the look and feel of the resulting application, every aspect of the navigation experience is completely customizable.

GeoBase 3.0 introduces read/write spatial data stores that can be updated in real-time and queried for a series of customer defined conditions. Querying such data sets for spatial, temporal, or other business rules greatly improves upon the standard geofencing capabilities of GeoBase. For MRM, utilities and public safety applications, GeoBase’s new read/write capabilities enable workers to make map data edits in the field, which can be integrated into the back-end enterprise database.

Additional enhancements include native support for satellite view map styles, new JavaScript client (for server deployments), poscode geocoding, and improved performance and memory usage. GeoBase 3.0 also contains many usability enhancements from easier to use APIs to improved documentation and sample code.

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